MERCEDES 4144 ACTROS with JUNJIN 52 mtr. concrete pump

Medium cabin, 10x4
440 hp euro 3 engine
Telligent shift gearbox
Steel spring suspension
First axle: 8100 kg
Second axle: 5740 kg
Third axle: 6340 kg
Fourth axle: 10760 kg
Fifth axle: 9680 kg
Length: 1320 cm
Width: 250 cm
Height: 395 cm

JUNJIN JJ-B5217 52 mtr. concrete pump
Pipe size: 125 mm
Coupling size: 140 mm
End hose length: 4 mtr
Boom control valve: proportional (By HAWE)
Radio remote control
Water pump: Rust proof hydraulic power 20 bar
Water tank: 780 ltr.

Output rod side: 164 cbm/h.
Output piston side: 102 cbm/h.
Pressure rod side: 72 bar
Pressure piston side: 115 bar
Concrete cylinder diameter: 230 mm
Concrete cylinder type: hard chromed
Stroke length: 2100 mm
S-tube size: 8"x7"
Main oil pump Rexroth hydromatik A11VO260
Hydraulic system pressure: 350 bar
Lube system (hopper) automatic
Switching system: hydraulic
Hopper capacity: easy clean 600 L
Strokes per minute: 29
Output control range: 20(26) - 158 cbm/h
Vertical reach: 49.5 m
Horizontal reach 45.5 m

Export-Preis Ex-Harbor Rotterdam/Holland EUR 380.000,-

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