MERCEDES 3340 AXOR with PUTZMEISTER 36 concrete pump

Day cabin, 6x4
400 Hp euro 3 engine
Manual shift gearbox
Steel spring suspension
Length: 1110 cm
Width: 250 cm
Height: 400 cm

PUTZMEISTER BSF 36.09 TRS 36 mtr. concrete pump
Max. theoritical concrete capacity: 90 m3/h
Max. theoritical concrete pressure: 78 bar
Delivery cylinder stroke: 1400 mm
Concrete valve: 'S Valf 2018
Water pump: 160 ltr/min
Water tank: 700 ltr, 10 mtr. hose with fittings
Concrete hopper: RS 905

Boom section
Boom no. 670200982
Vertical reach: 36 mtr. (without end hose)
Horizontal reach: 32 mtr. (without end hose)
End hose: 4 m single flanged
Pedestal type: TRS 65
Depth of reach: 23.7 mtr.
Unfolding height: 8.7 mtr.
Slewing circle: 365 degrees
Slewing speed: 0.43 RPM
Delivery pipes: inner diameter 125 mm
Outer diameter 133 steel
5 1/2" flanges 148 mm
40 mtr. length cable, remote control
Radio remote control including proportional CPC

Export-Preis Ex-Harbor Rotterdam/Holland EUR 290.000,-

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