MERCEDES BENZ 4140-B ACTROS with SANY 48 mtr. concrete pump

Medium cabin, 8x4
400 Hp euro 2 engine
Steel spring suspension
Manual shift gearbox

SANY SY5412THB-48 mtr. concrete pump
Horizontal length: 43.8 mtr.
Vertical length: 47.8 mtr.
Drive mode Hydraulic type
Oil cylinder bore X stroke Φ160 2200 mm
Delivery cylinder bore X stroke Φ260 2200 mm
Type of valve S valve
Theoretical displacement of concrete Low pressure 140 m3/h
Theoretical displacement of concrete High pressure 100m3/h
Theoretical pumping pressure High pressure 12 MPa
Theoretical pumping pressure Low pressure 8.5 MPa
Theoretical pumping frequency High pressure 14 times/per minute
Theoretical pumping frequency Low pressure 20 times/per minute
High pressure pumping
Theoretical horizontal distance 850m/125A pipe
Theoretical vertical distance 200m/125A pipe
Hopper capacity 0.9 m^3
Material feeding height 1.4 m
Oil pressure of the system 32.5 MPa
Slump 14 cm~23 cm
Max. aggregate size 40 mm
High-low pressure switch-over Automatic switch-over

Export-Preis Ex-Harbor Rotterdam/Holland EUR 325.000,-

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