MERCEDES BENZ 3332 ACTROS with SCHWING 32 mtr. concrete pump

Day cabin, 6x4
Engine: 320 HP euro 3
Manual shift gearbox G 210-16/14.2-0.83
Steel spring suspension
Air conditioning

SCHWING KVM 32 XL 32 mtr. concrete pump

Theor. concrete output: 135 cbm/h
Max. concrete pressure: 80 bar
Max. hydraulic pressure: 350 bar
Dia. of pumping cylinders: 230 mm
Piston stroke: 2000 mm
Max. number of strokes: 27/min.
Water tank: 650 l.

Standard scope of supply:
Vector control System
X-type front outriggers
Hopper with agitator
Storage container (left side)
Central lubrication strip (Rock/agitator)
Working hour meter
Proportional Cable remote control
Radio remote control
Tool box (right hand side)
Agitator operation from right hand side
Agitator "on/off"
Engine speed adjustment
"Emergency off" button
Output adjustment
Manual control panel at rear
Wooden support plates with fixing device
Horn button at hopper

Export-Preis Ex-Harbor Rotterdam/Holland EUR 290.000,-

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