MERCEDES BENZ 3241-B with SCHWING S-42-SX concrete pump

Day cabin, 8x4
408 HP euro 5 engine
Manual shift gearbox
Front axles 7,5 t.
Rear axles H7 13 t.

Equipped with SCHWING S-42-SX concrete pump

Pump kit P 2525-120/85RB, 636 l 163 cbm/h
Concrete output: 163 cbm/h
Concrete pressure 85 bar
Dia. of pumping cylinders: 250 mm
Piston stroke: 2.500 mm
Max. Number of strokes: 22/min
Capacity of agitator hopper: 500 L
Charging height approx.: 1.350 mm
Water tank: 680 L

Export-Preis Ex-Harbor Rotterdam/Holland EUR 470.000,-

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